Eros Project

The Next Action
The Eros Project is seeking law professionals and law students who wish to become involved in advancing "Space Property Law". Strategies are being developed to continue this seminal legal action. To participate, Send Email.

Appellate Court
On July 20, 2004, Gregory W. Nemitz filed the Appeal Brief for the Eros Project in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, California. This is the first Space Property Law "Action at Law" before a United States Federal Appellate Court.

Motion to Dismiss
On January 28, 2004 the US Attorney's office in Reno, Nevada filed a Motion to Dismiss in Federal Court in the matter of the Complaint for Declaratory Judgment concerning the "Action at Law" for the Eros Project.

Complaint for Declaratory Judgment
The Eros Project finally proceeds into the United States District Court, District of Nevada. On November 6, 2003, Mr. Gregory W. Nemitz filed documents in Federal Court to demand a determination of his Rights in relation to his property claim for Asteroid 433, Eros. A jury will decide the case.

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The Eros Project
for Space Property Law
"With this toehold, I will climb a mountain in Space."

Asteroid 433, Eros. NEAR Landing Site
Photo, Courtesy of NASA
OrbDev's Commercial Facility for Spacecraft Parking and Storage on Asteroid 433, Eros.

Artist's Conception of the NEAR Landing
Image, Courtesy of NASA.
NEAR Shoemaker gently sets down into parking space #29.

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----- The Eros Project
Orbital Development is at the forefront of the critical issue of "Property Rights in Space." Since March, 2000 the firm has managed the "Eros Project" which is designed to bring the issue into a United States of America Federal Court for a definitive decision on the new legal subject of "Space Property Law."

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UPDATE: May 26, 2023
Eros Claims Registered on Bitcoin Blockchain

Inscription #9301435

Using the Bitcoin blockchain as an indisputable and immutable Registrar, this ordinal satoshi (above link) has been inscribed to become a Negotiable Instrument for a Recorded Claim, as a Bearer Instrument Quit Claim Deed to the Original Claim to Asteroid 433 Eros.

Quit Claim Deed

As a negotiable instrument, the original claim to Eros can now be transacted in a secure manner.

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