Eros Project

Complaint for Declaratory Judgement
The Eros Project finally proceeds into the United States District Court, District of Nevada. On November 6, 2003, Mr. Gregory W. Nemitz filed documents in Federal Court to demand a determination of his Rights in relation to his property claim for Asteroid 433, Eros. A jury will decide the case.

U.S. Department of State Responds
On August 15, 2003 the United States Department of State responds to the Eros Project and its claims. This official action creates a "case in actual controversy" which
gives a Federal Court jurisdiction to hear the case.

NASA Makes its Final Determination
On January 21, 2003 NASA sends its final determination to OrbDev's invoice for Parking and Storage Fees for the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft, permanently parked on Eros.

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The Eros Project

Selected Images

Image, Courtesy of NASA
Map of Proposed Place Names on Eros

This image mosaic of Eros shows the proposed names for the larger features of the asteroid. The premise of the naming convention for the features is of many famous lovers from fiction and history, remembering the stories from from various cultures. The name of the biggest feature, Himeros, is from Greek mythology for personifing the yearning for love by a consort of Eros.

  Northern Portion
. Asteroid 433, Eros, from orbital altitude:
. 200 km (124 mi).
  Southern Portion
. from the same orbital altitude.
  Eastern Portion
. from orbital altitude:
. 355 km (220 mi).
  Western Portion
. from the same orbital altitude.
Images, Courtesy of NASA
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Photos of NASA's Parking Space

Video, courtesy of NASA
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Descent to Eros information
NEAR Shoemaker's Descent Movies

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